Duck Island Bread Company

     The Duck Island Bread Company is a genuine scratch bakery where we celebrate and honor the traditions of generations of European bakers. We hand-craft all of our breads and pastries in small batches, using only the finest quality ingredients. We never use preservatives, dough conditioners, commercially available mixes, or mass produced ready-to-bake products.

    Our philosophy in bread baking is that no bread is baked before its time. The goal is to allow each small batch of dough to develop its flavors naturally through hours of fermentation, without the addition of commonly used artificial ingredients' such as flavor enhancers or improvers.

      Our breads are leavened naturally by capturing the wild yeast spores present in the air and grain. We have patiently fermented wheat and rye flour and have grown thriving cultures of wild yeast.  We use these cultures to leaven our rye bread, and some of our wheat breads. This time honored method of leavening, passed on for generations by bread bakers, produces wonderfully delicious bread.

      Our enriched breads and pastries are also prepared with only the highest quality of ingredients. Using simply wheat flour from the King Arthur Flour Company, whole milk, local farm-fresh eggs, minimally refined sugar, and European style unsalted butter, we hand-craft Cinnamon Buns, Granny Apple Crumb Buns,  Brioche, Raspberry Rolls, Morning Buns, pure butter Croissants , Pain au Chocolat, Almond Croissants, savory Croissants and many other delicious breakfast pastries.

      Please try our bread and pastries and taste the difference. 

Robert Biancavilla

Founder & Head Baker



"I've seen the future of bread on Long Island and it is Duck Island Bread Company." Erica Marcus (Newsday)